The American Classical Music Hall Of Fame offers a complimentary smartphone application for playing inductee music through your phone and also through Washington Park’s PA system.

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About Classical Music Walk Of Fame

The American Classical Music Walk of Fame in Washington Park is the only project in existence that combines classical music, mobile technology, public spaces, and a dancing fountain.  An interactive classical music application that is integrated into a major urban park redevelopment project, the Walk of Fame experience begins with pavement stones engraved with names of Hall of Fame inductees – similar to the Hollywood Stars! But the Walk of Fame is about learning, fun, and classical music, so it doesn’t stop there.

Users in the park can download the WOF Player, a mobile app from the itunes APP store or Android Marketplace by searching WOF PLAYER.

On the app, they will see a selection of Hall of Fame inductees. Users can see pictures, read bios, and listen to historical/educational audio tours produced by WGUC 90.9 FM.

In addition, users may play a short music sample (3 minutes or less) featuring the inductee.

Users can hear the music play on their device or through the public sound system in the park.  Sound can be selected to play either in the Music Hall Plaza section of the park or in the Musical Dancing Fountain.

The fountain is an interactive water feature that also acts as a splash park in the summer months.

When the music plays through the fountain system, it triggers dancing fountain technology, so that the fountain jets and lights will move and react to the music being played!  the fountain literally dances!

Users can share their musical selections on facebook, twitter and other social networking platforms.

GET THE APP TODAY. Click here for the WOF PLAYER in the itunes store or search WOF PLAYER in the android market.