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DeLay, Dorothy

DeLay, Dorothy

Born in 2002


Inducted in 2002

Dorothy DeLay’s promising concert career was inter-rupted when she and her two children followed her husband through a series of Air Force bases during World War II. When the War was over, she turned her musical gifts to teaching and became, according to the New York Times, the world’s foremost teacher of violin. Hundreds of today’s superstar violinists learned their craft in her studio and master classes?among them Itzhak Perlman, Nigel Kennedy, Nadia SalermnoSonnenberg, Midori, and the concertmasters of a dozen major symphony orchestras. She earned every major award in the music industry, and received six honorary doctorates. She was a Fellow of the Royal College of Music in Great Britain. Japanese Emperor Akihito gave her the Order of the Sacred Treasure for her influence on the nation’s musical culture. Her early association with the principles of Ivan Galamian served well, and she was especially successful with exceptional young violinists who often burn out for lack of proper supervision and motivation. With winter duties at Juilliard, summer assignments at Aspen, and workshops all over the world, Dorothy DeLay continued to dominate the world of string teaching well into the seventh decade of her professional career.